Comprehensive Nutrition Counseling - 2 sessions

This is not a “diet”, this is an individualized, lifetime eating plan specifically created for you based on your unique needs.  This package includes a comprehensive diet analysis, two counseling sessions and an individualized eating and exercise plan.




Comprehensive Nutrition Counseling - 4 sessions

This package goes beyond diet analysis and meal planning and aids you in improving your overall health and wellness by focusing on behaviors and habits linked to your nutrition and health choices. This plan includes comprehensive diet analysis, initial goal setting, individualized eating and exercise plan and 3 follow up counseling sessions.



Comprehensive Nutrition Counseling - 8 sessions

Are you really ready to make a change?  Do your eating and/or health habits need a makeover?  This plan is perfect for the highly motivated individual who is dedicated to investing in their lifetime health and wellness.  This plan included comprehensive diet analysis, goal setting, individualized eating and exercise plan and 7 follow up counseling sessions.